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Packing for a Trip to the Beach

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Sigh… packing for the beach!  Today I’m going to take a break from our regularly scheduled program to talk about going to the beach with a preschooler.  We have gone to the beach for a long weekend every year since my daughter was 1 year old.  This year she turns 4 and it has gotten so much easier.  That said, we still have to carry a ton of stuff with us but it’s different.  For instance, instead of a pack n play for her to sleep in, we now bring a sleeping bag.  Which is obviously smaller and lighter so that’s a relief.

I generally start parking 2-3 weeks in advance.  That’s a little extreme I know, but I am packing for a baby toddler preschooler plus myself.  My husband is on his own.  There’s a ton of laundry that always needs done and as it’s completed I start pulling outfits out and setting them aside for our trip.  And also I usually prepare and pack a ton of food and snacks which takes preparation and planning.  And also I’m mostly just excited.

With 19 days to go until we leave, I’m breaking out the packing list today.  I update it as needed (like taking that pesky pack n play off!) and add anything new (sleeping bag!)  The stuff for me won’t have changed much – except I can take contacts and glasses off the list since I had LASIK 6 months ago!  That’s pretty exciting, I’m not gonna lie.

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I also plan what food and snacks we are taking with us and how much.  We generally take items such as Cheez Its, Goldfish, string cheese, applesauce pouches, Gogurt, and fresh fruit for snacks.  We also like to bring foods for breakfast such as bagels with peanut butter and granola bars.   Generally, we eat out for lunch and dinner.  Over the next week, I throw all the food items in a box so that by the time we are ready to pack the car, my box of food is full.

Lastly is all the beach toys and this is the most extensive list.  There is the obvious: buckets, shovels, etc.  But I also pack a beach blanket like this one.  I bought it last year and LOVE it.  Admittedly, I wish it was a little bit bigger, but I love that it’s waterproof and also has a strap to carry it!  I use it for things other than the beach (like going to the local park to watch fireworks) too.

Another awesome tip? Baby powder.  Seriously, you will thank me.  It wipes the sand right off.  I’m not even kidding.  I don’t go to the beach without it.  That’s probably my favorite beach hack ever.

What do you take on your trips to the beach?

If you followed me this far, you deserve this packing list.  Enjoy!

Packing List for Toddlers
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