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Travel Planning App Travefy is Your Best Friend

A friend recently recommended to me a travel planning app called Travefy.  It’s kind of amazing. She used it to plan her road trip around the United Kingdom and showed me how awesome it is. I immediately went online and signed up and started planning our Canada trip. This is the coolest travel app since sliced bread. There are a couple drawbacks to the app, which I will tell you about, but first I want to show you how amazing it is and why you should use it.


While you do most of the planning on their website instead of the app on your phone, it is extremely handy to have on your phone.  Here’s what it looks like on your computer:

How to use Travefy

You can do as much planning or as little planning as you want.   Personally, I like to include all the little details.  I include things like what time we leave in the morning and approximately how long it will take us to get there.  I overshoot my time because I’m realistic.   Also, I like planning where we are going to eat lunch on our way because I love food and don’t want to eat at McDonalds.  Often times I look to see if there are any restaurants in the area that have been on shows like Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.  Or lately my husband has been really into breweries and micro pubs.  I’m trying to put a few of those into our itinerary.

On the screen shot above, you can see how you can plan out each day and get pretty detailed if you want.  You can put in the types of information you want like lodging, driving, activities, dining, etc.  There are places for timing, address, cost, confirmation numbers, and a spot to include any notes or information you want (opening hours, menu, and anything else you can think of).

Another awesome thing is the host or creator of the trip invites people to the trip.  Usually this would be someone who is actually going on the trip with you.  Then you can have discussions or polls about what you want to do.  Pretty handy to have all that information in one place huh?

Our Itinerary

Then when you are actually on your trip, you can use the free app, which is called something totally different just to confuse you.  On your phone it’s called Our Itinerary and is available for Android or iOS.  The app is basically to view your itinerary and nothing else.  It does NOT have any editing capabilities on the app.  Here are a couple of screen shots so you can see the difference.

Travefy Travel Planning App
What our trip itinerary looks like on Our Itinerary.
Travefy Travel Planning App
Day 1 – Morning of our trip using Our Itinerary

Some of the drawbacks to this app, is that while you can put in costs, it doesn’t calculate them for you.  If you are looking for an overview of what your trip will cost, you will need to calculate it yourself.  On the other hand, one of the nice features is that you can add expenses and can also attach a bank account so you can collect money from everyone on the trip, if they owe you.

Another drawback I mentioned earlier is that you cannot edit your trip via the app on your phone.  You must use your computer and edit the itinerary online.

But despite these two things, I still love the website/app and continually utilize it.  I’ve already started using it to plan our trip to Italy in a few years!  Where will you use this app to plan your next trip?

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