Travel Bucket List – Have You Written Yours?

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A few years ago (probably about 5 if I’m counting) I wrote a bucket list since that was all the rage.  What I discovered was that almost everything I wrote down on it involved traveling.  In fact, out of the 54 items on my list, 23 of them are “Go to X Country and visit Y Monument.  And then a couple more are things like “Climb the Statue of Liberty” which I obviously can’t do anywhere but New York so that would involve some travel as well.

I have been able to cross a few things off my list and I’m going to cross another one off soon since Niagara Falls is on my list.  Which is all very exciting.  But since my bucket list is so long and also not 100% travel related, I thought I’d revamp it a bit and make second, travel only bucket list.  I want to share it with you in case you are writing your own travel bucket list and are looking for some ideas for it or aren’t sure where to start.  So go ahead and take a look at it.  I’d love it if you left me some feedback about what you thought about it.  Am I missing something important? Or maybe you have a suggestion on something that needs changed.

  1. Backpack through Europe
    This is number 1 because it was my dream throughout high school and my 20s.  It’s pretty all encompassing and I’ve left it that way for a reason.  While I get pretty specific below, which is great for smaller vacations, I still really want to take 3 months and wander through Europe and really get to know a few places versus spending 1 week packing everything in.  Which I want to do too.
  2. Visit Rome (Vatican City, Colosseum, Fontana de Trevi, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Catacombs) , Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius, Cinque Terre, Venice, Pisa, Florence
    For my husband’s and my 10th wedding anniversary we are planning a trip to Italy.  That’s still about 4 years off but I’ve started looking into planning it so hopefully I will be able to cross a bunch of these off.
  3. Visit the UK & Ireland (Dublin, Castle Blarney – Kiss the Blarney Stone, the Causeway), Scotland (Edinburgh, Highlands, Glasgow), and Great Britain (London, Bath, Salisbury) Stonehenge, Roman Baths)
    In 2016, I finally stepped foot onto European soil after dreaming about it for about 15 years.  So I have been able to cross a few of these off but I most definitely want to go back and explore more of the UK and Ireland.  Maybe for our 15th wedding anniversary?
  4. Visit Greece (Athens – Acropolis, Olympia, Crete)
    I’ve always been really interested in Greek (and Roman) mythology so Greece is on my Must-See list.  
  5. Visit France (Paris – Eiffel tower, The Lourve, Catacombs, Versailles)
    Seriously considering trying to work Paris into our Italy trip.  Like fly into Paris, spend 3 days and then train to Venice?  What do you think?
  6. Visit Germany (Munich during Oktoberfest)
    So my birthday almost always falls during Oktoberfest.  I would not be upset if I got to spend my birthday in Munich drinking beer.  I just wouldn’t.
  7. Visit Egypt (Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx, Nile River)
    I guess I’m just really into ancient civilization because I also love reading/watching anything about the ancient Egyptian culture too.  I should have been an archaeologist.
  8. Visit Australia & New Zealand (do the LOTR tour)
    I mean, isn’t this on everyone’s list?
  9. Visit Chichen Itza and Climb Pyramid
    Done!  I almost didn’t go while we were in Mexico but then we heard they were closing El Castillo down to climbers and we had to make the trip.  My only regret is that I’ve managed to lose all the photos.  And this was before the digital age so I have no backups.  Film!  HAHAHA
  10. Visit a volcano
    While on our honeymoon in St. Lucia we visited a drive through caldera, which is a type of volcano.  So I can check this off too.
  11. Visit China (Walk the Great Wall of China) and Japan (Tokyo)
    I’m not huge into the Asian cultures, and I don’t have a good reason.  I’m just really drawn to European cultures so that’s a huge part of where I want to travel.  But there are definitely places I want to visit in Asia and as I cross places off my list, I’m sure I’ll add others from this part of the world.
  12. Visit Peru (Machu Picchu)
    Someday I will visit here.
  13. Visit Canada (Niagara Falls)
    YAY!  I will be visiting Niagara Falls and Toronto in about 3 weeks!  I still want to go to other places in Canada – Quebec, Montreal, Vancouver, etc – but this is a good start.
  14. Visit Vermont/New Hampshire/Maine in winter
    My husband is a skiier.  I’m not.  At all.  Ever.  No thanks.  But I do like sitting in the lodge, by a fireplace, having a coffee or a glass of wine looking out at the snow and mountains.  Relaxing.  Yeah, that sounds amazing.  I have a feeling my daughter will follow in her father’s footsteps and be out there skiing with him.  I’m okay with that because I can have some quiet time.  
  15. Visit Boston
    Another one that should be super easy for me to accomplish but I haven’t yet.
  16. Visit Alaska (see the Aurora Borealis)
    Honestly, I’d also be okay with going to Iceland to see the Aurora Borealis but I think my husband would love to visit Alaska. We have talked about cruising so maybe that’s on the horizon some day.
  17. Visit Yellowstone National Park
    A couple of these next ones will be awesome to take my daughter to when she’s a few years older – Yellowstone included.
  18. Visit the Redwood Forest
    Maybe we will make a big cross country road trip and visit Yellowstone, Redwood, and a few other places.
  19. Visit South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore)
    Like South Dakota.  It would be educational and fun.  Maybe that’s what we will do after our Italy trip.
  20. Visit the Grand Canyon
    A friend of mine used to live in Phoenix.  We went out to visit her and made a trip to the Grand Canyon a priority.  Worth it.
  21. Visit Las Vegas
    I’m not a huge gambler and that doesn’t entice me at all but it sounds like Vegas is a huge spectacle so maybe some day.
  22. Visit Hawaii
    Listen, I’d much rather go to the Caribbean so this one may never happen but I figure I’d throw it on this list anyway.
  23. Visit New Orleans
    I went to a bachelorette party weekend in New Orleans about 3 years ago.  Awesome time.  I would love to go back with my husband.
  24. Climb the Statue of Liberty
    I’ve been to the Statue of Liberty.  One a day it was closed down and all we got to do was walk around the perimeter.  So this one remains unchecked on my bucket list.
  25. Go white water rafting
    This one is actually pretty scary for me.  I love adventure.  I love thrills.  But drowning is a real fear – mostly because I think suffocating is the worst way to go.  And I’m not a super strong swimmer.  However, I also like to conquer my fears and I’m willing to try anything. My husband also would love to do this.


So there it is!  My travel bucket list.  Share yours with me!  Since I’ve crossed a few things off, I kind of want to replace them.  It’s always good to have goals and something to work toward!

Where are you going to travel?
Read my travel bucket list!

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