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Top 5 Road Trip Items I Can’t Live Without


We are currently on our road trip to Canada so I found myself thinking more and more about the Top 5 Road Trip Items I can’t live without. It may sound like #firstworldproblems but really, isn’t that part of the luxury of travel?  I mean, I like to have things convenient when I travel.  That’s why I plan and plan and plan everything to death before we leave for our trips.  I don’t want to waste my vacation looking up the TTC stops.  I want that planned out and know which stops to get on and off before I get there.  So I can maximize my time in Toronto.  I guess that’s where this list comes in.  I’ve been compiling a list of things to share with you because you probably didn’t know you needed them.  And once you have them, you won’t be able to drive long distance without them ever again.

1.) Travel Tray for Kids

Top 5 Road Trip Items

We bought this for my daughter and she was so excited to use it.  Of course, that also meant we turned her around to forward facing after delayed rear facing for so long (we kept her rear facing for 4 years.)  This travel tray is awesome because it has 2 ways of attaching it.  You can either use the clip and belt to buckle it around the child (not the car seat) or it has a Velcro loop you can put around their legs, depending on your child’s preference.  I chose this one because it had good reviews compared to some of the other options out there.  The tray itself is fairly sturdy – much more than I expected – but it’s still soft in case of (God forbid) impact.  I love the sides it has around the perimeter so nothing can roll off (like crayons, legos, matchbox cars, etc).  And I think my favorite thing is this is perfect if you are going to be eating in the car.  You don’t have to worry about your child dropping food in the cracks of the seat and bonus! it wipes off easily because it’s plastic.  The only real downside I find with it is that it doesn’t have a cup holder and it covers up the cup holder on the car seat.  But I think a cup would be too heavy for this tray so it’s better left off.  My daughter likes the drawing that comes on this tray – it’s cutesy – and none of the other trays that I looked at had drawings.  But don’t worry, if you have a boy, it comes in blue too.

2.) Queasy Pops – Lollipops

Top 5 Road Trip Items

All that said, my daughter gets carsick.  I also get carsick.  Like every single time we drive anywhere long distance.  When I was pregnant, I couldn’t ride in a car for 15 minutes without wanting to lose my breakfast.  Enter Three Lollies.  I didn’t discover these until after I had my daughter but I gave them a shot anyways.  Boy am I glad I did!  These things are magical.  They come in lollipops or hard candies (which is what I usually get for myself).  I got the lollipops for my daughter though since she’s so young, I don’t want her to have hard candies in her mouth while driving (or anytime really) choking hazard and all.  Basically, these candies use essential oils to help curb nausea and I am a full on believer.  I don’t use essential oils for anything else.  I’m not a holistic person.  But I have tried everything under the sun to cure my car sickness and this is one of the few things that work for me.  I’m positive these lollipops will work for my 4 year old too.  Hopefully we will be without incident on our way to and from Canada (because we were not so lucky going to the beach 2 weeks ago).  Get them here and let me know what you think of them!

3.) Car Charger Mount

Top 5 Road Trip Items
This car charger mount has been life changing.  It plugs into your car adapter (or cigarette lighter if your car is ancient).  I love that it’s adjustable so you can position it however need to.  The clip that actually holds your phone is universal so you can fit any phone, GPS, iPod.  And the absolute BEST part?  It’s OPTIMIZED.  Which means it charges quickly – faster than you can use it.  I’m a die hard fanatic of Waze, but Waze kills your battery faster than an ice cube melts in the sun.  Especially if you are also using your Bluetooth to talk to your Mom at the same time.  But when you plug your phone into an optimized car charger, suddenly your phone’s battery is charging despite your usage.  Get it here.

4.) Anker External Battery

While we’re on the subject of chargers.  This is my favoritest thing in the whole wide world.  Yes I said favoritest.  This lovely battery was introduced to me when I went on my London trip.  One of my friends had 2 and let me use one for the trip.  I’ve tried a bunch of cheaper ones before and to be frank, they all sucked.  But this one makes all the others look like a joke so I asked for it for Christmas (spoiler: I got it).  And then I got my husband one for Father’s Day because he wanted mine for a trip and I wouldn’t part with it.  That’s why it makes my Top 5 Road Trip Items I can’t live without.

Here’s an example for how awesome it is:  I use my phone a lot.  Especially when I’m on vacation because I’m texting, using it as a camera, and uploading those pics on social media to make all my friends jealous.  What this does is eat my battery up faster than Waze.  However, this Anker battery gives your phone 5-6 full charges and again, it’s optimized. So I can brag about my travels all day long and don’t have to worry.  There are different versions (the one I have is the 20100 mAh) and it comes in different colors.  Get yours here.

5.) Backseat Car Organizer

I already wrote a whole blog post about this but I wanted to add it to this list too because it’s awesome.  First off, you don’t have to use it for kid stuff like I do.  I mean, it’s insanely handy if you do have kids, but who doesn’t need a little organization in the life, kids or not?  When you’re on a road trip, chances are you need to pack a bunch of stuff anyway amirite?  You can use it for sunscreen, tissues, bug spray, flip flops, first aid kit, travel toilet paper, books, snacks, maps, I mean the list goes on and on.  If you do have kids, it’s great for extra changes of clothes, baby wipes, crayons and coloring books, or stuffed animals.  So basically what I’m saying is, I don’t care you who are, you need this in your car.  Get it here and then let me know what you use it for!

Top 5 Road Trip Items
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So there you have it.  My Top 5 Road Trip Items I can’t live without.  Is there something you can’t live without on your road trips?  Let me know in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “Top 5 Road Trip Items I Can’t Live Without

  1. I’ll have to try the lollipops. I usually only get sick trying to read something in the car, but that includes looking at my phone…which severely limits my entertainment options!

    1. I hear ya! If I could read my phone while we are driving down the road, it would make long car trips so much better! Try the lollipops, I love them!

    1. The tray is really nice. My daughter was excited about it too. It gives her a little bit of independence in the car as well. As for the battery, I cannot live without it. I carry it in my purse and I’ve even been known to use it walking around the grocery store because my battery is dead and I’m glued to my phone.

  2. I don’t have kids, but as someone who recently was a kid (and feels like she still is one), I can tell you that these things would’ve made my parents’ lives a whole lot easier on all of our family vacations!

  3. These items are great! I agree with the power stick; my kid uses up the phone battery all the time on the road. The organizer is also great. How do kids get everything everywhere? So far, I haven’t needed the lollipops, but if someone gets sick, now I know what to do!

    1. The car sick pops are great. I discovered them when looking for something for myself . They also sell little hard candies, which is what I get since you get more for the amount of money spent, but the lollipops are better for children. (I’m always afraid my daughter will choke.) Try them out!

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