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Quality Hotel Fallsview Cascade Hotel Review

Quality Hotel Fallsview Cascade Hotel Review

When we were looking for hotels to stay in on our trip to Niagara Falls, I had a certain set of requirements I was looking for.

1.) Location – I wanted to be near the Falls.  Ideally I would liked a view of the Falls from our room, but I also knew our price range might not allow that.  I also wanted to be around the other activities we would be engaging in while in Niagara.

2.) Cleanliness – Obviously I wanted  clean hotel room.  I always like a nice hotel room but certain trips I’m okay with going extra cheap and just using it as a bed to sleep in.  This was not one of those times.  I knew we’d be in the hotel room a little bit more due to the downtime I had built into our busy schedule.  As it turns out, we were in our room a lot more than I wanted due to Taylor being sick.  So cleanliness was a matter of importance.

3.) Price – We also had a price we wanted to stay under for our trip.  Especially since we were also staying in Toronto for a few days and needed both rooms to be under said number.

So we those three requirements in mind I began digging through pages and pages of hotels in Niagara Falls.  We also had to make the decision of which country to stay in – the United States or Canada?  We chose Canada, knowing we’d be coming back stateside for a few things but ultimately thought it would be easier to stay in Canada since we were continuing our vacation on that side.

I finally decided on the Quality Hotel Fallsview Cascade located on Murray Street.

1.) The location was great.  It was very close to the Falls so we could walk to the viewing areas within just a few minutes.  It was also underneath the Skylon Tower, which was cool to see lit up at night.  Across the street is a casino and a mall for entertainment.  It’s next to a couple of big restaurants (i.e. Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville).  I would warn you that it’s on the top of a steep hill so if you are walking and pushing a stroller or get out of breathe easily, you’re in for a hike.  We did not get our view of the Falls but there is a tower that I think might offer that.  Our room was not located there.

2.) It was pretty clean.  I mean, I’ve stayed in nicer hotels but I’ve also stayed in much worse so no complaints here.  Actually, the only thing I would say in regards to this hotel was that the room needed vacuumed.  Otherwise, I had no issues with it.

3.) The price was just right.  In fact, the hotel offered quite a bit for the price we paid.  Some of the amenities included free parking (though the parking lot is fairly small), complimentary continental breakfast (which included things like scrambled eggs, sausage, waffles, cereal, yogurt, fruit, and pastries), and an indoor pool and hot tub.

Quality Hotel Fallsview Cascade

All in all, I would absolutely stay at the Quality Hotel Fallsview Cascade again.  If we decide to go back to Niagara Falls and have the same budget, this is where I will stay.  If our budget is higher, I’d probably choose a different hotel with a view of the Falls.

I would also like to note that there is no refrigerators in the rooms.  You can rent one for $15 a day but it is not included with the room.  Which is a bummer if you have leftovers that you can’t take with you.


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