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Oh Canada! A Road Trip

We are getting ready to embark on our family vacation to the great country of Canada!  It’s only 65 days away, not that I’m counting, and has taken quite a bit of planning.  Maybe a bit more than is necessary.  After all, I am a little bit Type A when it comes to planning vacations or trips of any kind. So I’m going to use that as an excuse to kick off my “Road Trip to Canada” series!

I guess you will need a little bit of an introduction to our trip before I can go into details.  We are driving instead of flying.  That is a big difference in this vacation.  Usually we don’t drive unless we are only going around 3 hours away.  This trip however is 6-7 hours on the way up and about 8 on the way home.  So where are we driving to you ask?   Niagara Falls and Toronto!

I’m pretty excited because going to Niagara has been on my bucket list for a few years.  It’s something I’ve definitely wanted to see and experience for myself.  My husband has already been.  In fact, he’s been to a lot of places I want to visit so I’m making him go again.  But I digress.

We will be driving up to Niagara through New York and staying on the Canadian side for 3 nights at a hotel that overlooks the falls.  We’ll see what type of room we end up with. ::Please let it be a falls view room::Please let it be a falls view room::  Then we will drive on up to Toronto and stay there for 4 nights before driving back home.

To answer a few questions before they are asked:

  • Yes, we got our 3 year old a passport.  I’m not 100% sure it’s necessary (I feel like I read as a minor I would only need her birth certificate) but I felt it was better safe than sorry.
  • I am planning this trip 100% by myself.  I don’t use a travel agent – don’t need one.  Personally I think I was a travel agent in a previous life.  I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to traveling.  And I know how to do my research.
  • This will be Taylor’s and my first trip to Canada (Taylor’s first trip abroad) but Kenny’s second trip.

Follow along as I talk about the planning involved.  I’ll be sure to include how I designed our itinerary, organizational tips, and of course a trip report when we return home!

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