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Organize Your Car with a Backseat Car Organizer

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Recently, I purchased a car organizer for the back seat of my car and I love it.  I thought it would be a great idea to have an organizer for the car so I didn’t always have to carry so many items with me.  I could leave them in the car and just grab what I need when I need it.  This works particularly great now that Taylor is going on 4 so we don’t have the necessity of carrying a diaper bag around anymore.  It’s also great to have for our road trips this summer.  I’ll likely keep the same things in it but it will also be great tool for organizing things I do need in the car during long trips.

Now, I did my research.  I read reviews.  This one I actually saw recommended on a blog somewhere.  Ultimately, it’s the one I went with.  And I’m glad I did!  I think it is large enough to fit everything our family needs while not being so big as to be cumbersome or in the way of whoever sits in that seat.

This one by Cozy Greens:

Backseat Car Organizer

You can see I have quite a bit in the backseat car organizer but I have room to fit more.  In fact, there’s quite a bit more room so as I find things that need to go in it, I don’t have to worry about storage space!  I will show you what I have in the organizer so you can get an idea of just how much room there is.

Pocket of Backseat Car Organizer

The top row of the backseat car organizer it has 2 pockets with velcro flaps.  I love this because things can’t fall out.  In the top left pocket of my organizer, I have a big plastic egg full of a couple crayons and a coloring book.  This is a backup in case I forget to bring our bag of entertainment.  You know, in case we have impromptu road trips.  Or eating at a restaurant.

Top pocket of backseat car organizer

The middle pocket on the top row has elastic at the top so you can put smaller items in or tall items that you don’t want to fall out.  We put sunglasses in ours (for Taylor).  Sometimes, she has 2 pairs in there.  You never know which color she will need to match her outfit.

Top Pocket in Backseat Car Organizer

In the top right pocket of the backseat car organizer I keep a small bottle of Aquaphor (which is perfect for scrapes, chapped lips, etc) and a small pack of antibacterial wipes.  These happen to be Frozen because we’re a little obsessed with Disney and all things Princess around our house.  But still, tons more room to fit more in if I needed.

Middle Row Left Pocket Backseat Car Organizer

The middle row has 2 pockets.  On the left side, I keep an entire outfit change for Taylor.  Shirt, leggings, underwear, socks.  As the seasons change, so will her outfit (you know, shorts in the summer).  But this is great in case we have any accidents or spills.  I also keep it in a Ziploc gallon size bag because then if her clothes are wet, I can put them in the bag and don’t have to worry about anything else getting wet.  Also, it keeps things nicely organized.

Middle Row Right Pocket Backseat Car Organizer

The right side pocket has a pack of tissues (in another lovely gallon size bag that I may replace with something smaller when these tissues are gone), an almost empty pack of baby wipes from our diaper days because wipes come in super handy, and a book.  I don’t even know if Taylor knows this book is in the car, but it’s a look and find board book.  She loves those.

Backseat Car Organization

On the very bottom row of this sweet backseat car organizer has 2 cup holder pockets (one on each side).  In one of the pockets, I keep a handy bottle of sunscreen because you should never be without that in the summer.  Again, I keep it in Ziploc bag to help prevent messy cleanup if it leaks.  The other side, I could use for a cup for Taylor or a bottle of water if I needed to, but right now it’s empty.

Stay Organized in the car.

The middle section of the bottom row, between the cup holders, is the biggest pocket.  In here I keep our travel potty seat and a towel.  Towels are so handy you guys because you NEVER KNOW when you will need one.  I often use it to wipe the bottom of Taylor’s shoes if they are dirty.  She is still rear facing and I would like to keep my newish car looking newish thankyouverymuch.  Also, it comes in handy if you need to dry something off.  Plus a million other reasons you might need one.  And yes, there is more room in this pocket if I need it because there is an awesome elastic band at the top of this pocket to hold everything in but can expand if necessary.

Grab and Go Backseat Car Organizor

Lastly, on the very front of that bottom pocket is a sweet grab ‘n go organizer.  Seriously, it velcros onto the organizer and you can just pull it off and take it with you if you need to.  This sounds awesome but I have nothing in here!  I just haven’t figured out what I need in there yet I guess.  Maybe a first aid kit?  I usually keep that in my glove box but maybe I should move it here?  Any other suggestions?  Oh and that sweet baby wipes container at the bottom of the photo is full of plastic bags (like grocery bags) because I always need those too.  Usually for trash.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you keep in your backseat car organizer?  Am I missing something I should be keeping in my car?  And if you like this organizer, click on the Amazon link below to order one!


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